Mining is an intensive process, and wherever it occurs, it leaves a lasting imprint on lands, water and communities. As we move toward a cleaner energy economy, we need to couple the shift with more responsible mining practices.

The Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) is an example of a a voluntary certification process that encourages companies to respect human rights, provide safe working conditions and minimize environmental harm.

We need clean energy built by more responsible mining

The project has brought together global leaders from mining, conservation groups, affected communities, jewelers and electronics companies to identify strong standards for responsible mining and effective accountability measures.

There are ways that producers, investors and purchasers of mined materials can be more accountable to our communities and ecosystems. Northern Confluence believes that IRMA can be a tool to help Northwestern BC promote more responsible mining and foster dialogue among companies, communities and customers.

There are 123 active tailings waste dams across BC Nikki Skuce